Seminarium: Finding the effects of Swedish aid: How to do it?

The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA) anordnar ett seminarium fredagen den 16 maj.

The Swedish government is increasingly emphasising how results should be a decisive factor for future aid priorities. In this seminar, Associate Professor Anders Olofsgård presents the EBA report “Randomized Controlled Trials: Strengths, Weaknesses and Policy Relevance” which highlights an important but in Sweden undervalued evaluation method.

Speakers: Anders Olofsgård, SITE; Kim Forss, Andante and EBA; Thomas Elhaut, IFAD, Rome; Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Sida; Annica Sohlström, Forum Syd; Ulf Richardsson, Save the Children Sweden.

Date and time: Friday the 16th of May. Coffee/tea served from 08.30; seminar 09.00-11.00.
Venue: Rosenbad Conference Centre, Drottninggatan 5, Stockholm.
Organiser: The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA).
Further information: Tove Bucht,
Registration: at the latest by the 9th of May to

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