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Money Matters – Implementing Agenda 2030

Den 2 juni anordnar Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation och UNDP Sweden ett frukostseminarium för att diskutera trender, utmaningar och möjligheter för finansiering av världens nya utvecklingsagenda. Swedfunds VD Anna Ryott ingår i panelen.

In this seminar, trends, challenges and opportunities for financing the world’s new development agenda will be discussed. Could the AAAA framework lead to new broad and long-term financing models and partnerships? What are the pitfalls and shortcomings that need to be addressed in order for proper funding to be mobilised? And what will the role and financing priorities be of different stakeholders, the UN amongst them, given the broad agenda addressing both global and local issues?

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Swedfund är partner till TBLI Conference Nordic 2016 som går av stapeln i Stockholm  20-21 spetember.

TBLI is a highly respected convener of responsible investment practitioners and thought leaders, world-wide. With a track record of almost 20 years and 30+ events across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US, TBLI balances high-level content and a focus on raising private capital for sustainable investments. 

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